CPS works to help transform conflict in Sri Lanka. CPS recognizes that the people it is trying to help are not helpless. In any situation, people possess capabilities as well as vulnerabilities. As such, in all areas of work, CPS will endeavor to:

  • Plan coherent programs with realistic objectives, budgets and timeframes
  • Build on local capacities by engaging local organizations, consultants or experts in planning and implementation. It will also cooperate with local government structures where appropriate
  • Involve program beneficiaries in design, management and implementation where appropriate and possible
  • Minimize any negative impacts of its programs
  • Perform comprehensive need assessments before embarking on a project, as well as periodically reviewing the project to ensure it addresses changing circumstances.  Assessments should include consultation outside of the program and relevant partnership to broaden perspectives and avoid problems. They should also demonstrate an understanding of the risks and limitations associated with a program.
  •  Act fairly in dealing with partners and beneficiaries
  •  Ensure all stakeholders understand their roles and the associated costs of a particular program