Donation Acceptances

Being a not-for-profit organization means CPS depends on the charity of others to do its work. However, gifts, donations and grants could sometimes conflict with CPS’s mission and values.  Further, corporations and private individuals often do not understand their role as a giver.  Even small diversions of funds from public to private benefit jeopardize tax-exempt status.  CPS must remember that not all donation, gifts and grants need to be accepted.  To this end, CPS must ask itself:

  • Does the gift fit with CPS’s policies, values, and mission?
  • On whose terms will the gift be spent?  Will CPS have full control of the gift and maintain its independence?  That is, is the donor expecting to be involved in the management of the project?  If not, what does the donor want in return?
  • Who will benefit from the donation?  What are the long- and short-term benefits for all the stakeholders?
  • Is the donor using the gift or grant as a marketing tool?
  • Who pays in the long run?  Can the program or organizational change resulting from the donation be sustained after the gift is expended?
  • What can go wrong in a worst-case scenario, and how much would it cost CPS?