The effectiveness of CPS's work depends on the organization's governance structures.  CPS recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining bodies that will govern internal functioning. Committed, experienced and responsible individuals are critical ingredients. To this end, CPS will:

  • Ensure the organization has and adheres to a clear vision, mission, objectives and policies
  • Specify the frequency of meetings, quorums, and the role and powers of the governance structure
  • Develop a policy prohibiting direct or indirect conflict of interest by members of the governance structure, members, employees, and volunteers.  Ensure that members of the governance structure and staff excuse themselves from decisions where they have, or are perceived to have, a vested interest
  • In the case of an independent board, adopt a policy that discourages members from submitting tenders to the organization or applying for staffing positions within the organization.  This policy must stipulate that board members must resign from the governance structure if they desire to do either
  • Ensure the governance structure understands and is responsible for overall policy-making and accepts ultimate responsibility for governance of all aspects of the organization
  •  Within financial constraints, ensure the governance structure reflects racial and gender diversity.