Future Plan

Secretariat and Research Centre 

The CPS is looking assistance to built Secretariat and virtual Research centre to develop for teaching peace, information dissemination and networking; to continue the activities of the CPS and help the local and International Peace research Students and activists to understand the conflict issues in Sri Lanka and to continue their research studies.

The Centre is developing "partnerships for peace" between individuals, government, nongovernmental agencies, and business to activate individuals, the general public and organizations to reduce violence and crime to focus approach to achieve peace goals and results.

The centre based in the war tone North Eastern province of Sri Lanka. We believe if this Secretariat builds in the Ampara District it will fulfill the long term need of the peace Lovers in Sri Lanka. 

Introducing Peace research Courses 

The peace related courses are having a good demand in Sri Lanka and the international job market and most of the people in Sri Lanka are interesting to understand what Peace is.

The CPS is willing to introduce some peace related courses in Sri Lanka in association with the world reputed organization, especially in their mother tongue. Otherwise, we cannot get full benefit in the system of education. 


Need …

We are looking and Inviting suitable local and International partner organizations to work with us in the development of our objectives, respecting the Sovereignty and National Integrity of Sri Lanka.