The Institute is moving into a new and important phase in its history—one of increased impact, visibility, and influence.  The Institute recently reorganized its internal structure with an eye toward increasing impact, promoting innovation, and facilitating growth.

The new organizational structure includes three strategic centers organized around the outcomes our work is designed to achieve (playing a significant and successful role in preventing armed conflicts; mediating and resolving them when they occur; and promoting post-conflict stabilization and democratic transformation). These strategic centers are:

·         The Center for Conflict Analysis and Prevention
·         The Center for Mediation and Conflict Resolution
·         The Center for Post-Conflict Peace and Stability Operations
·         The Centre for Sri Lankan Studies
The new structure also includes the following "cross-cutting" components:

·         Education and Training Center
·         Education and Training Center/Domestic
·         Education and Training Center/International
·         Center for Human Rights and Security
·         Interfaith Religions and Peacemaking
·         Sustainable socio Economies Development
·         Science, Technology and Peacebuilding
·         Media, Conflict and Peacebuilding
·         Health and Peacebuilding
·         Security Sector Governance
·         Gender and Peacebuilding