The CPS is mostly utilizing the members own contributions and knowledge in the development of the centre.


In the Tsunami disaster on 26 December 2004, the office of the CPS was completely devastated. Later, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) supported to re build our office in a temporary place and helped us under the STRONG PLACES project implemented in the Ampara district.

 We implemented the project “Capacity Building for the Justice of the Peace” implemented in the Ampara and Batticaloa Districts, which is funded by the UNDP under the “Equal access to justice program” implemented through the Ministry of the Constitutional Affair and National Integration in Sri Lanka.


The CPS is joint hand with the Centre for Peace Building and Reconciliation (CPBR) is one of the leading and foremost Peace Building Organizations in Sri Lanka. The Executive Director of the Centre for Peace Building and Reconciliation, Prof Jayantha Senaviratne extending his fullest cooperation in the development of the Centre for Peace studies.


Universal Management Consultancy Services (UMCS) is supporting to the centre to implement its management, business development projects in the war, and tsunami devastated areas of the Ampara District.


Peace Media Movement (PMM) is one of the partner organizations attached with the centre, it has around 140 local journalists in the Ampara districts from Tamil, Sinhalese and Muslim communities.


Holy field Organization for Peace and Education (HOPE) is one of our partner organization and one of the largest youth organizations in the Ampara district with over 3000 youth members. 


The CPS is a member of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL) is one of the largest networks of the regional organizations in Sri Lanka.


Padarkaihal Inayam is one of our partner organization and one of the literacy and cultural development organization, based in Sammanthurai. Most of the local artists are performing activities based on their remembrances in the past to construct social harmony among the war affected communities. It is become a member of the CPS in the year 2007 and functioning with the support of the CPS and giving added values to the activities of peace activities.