Promote goodwill among all the communities. 

·        To promote, encourage, assist and foster, activities for the advancement of national unity, inter communal amity, racial and religious harmony, good will and peace amongst people.

·        To conduct research for the purpose of achieving the object of national unity and peace;

·        To publish educational and informative material and to make documentary and educational films, audio and videos and recordings to encourage national unity and peace;

·        To train persons engaged in activities, which are in furtherance of these objects by conducting seminars, discussions and workshops and train youth in leadership skills,

·        To build and establish Libraries, archives, centers or institutions to preserve and to protect the cultural values and the historical events of all the communities in Sri Lanka and also to protect leading works on the social, economic, Peace and historical development of the people;

·        To safe guard and obtain the Human Rights, for all those harassed, unlawfully assaulted and detained without proper inquiries;

·        To promote activities by way of group discussions dialogues, meeting to monitor and eliminate racial communal discrimination in media reporting;

·        To stop the unnecessary confrontations, settle disputes amicably, and so on. Also eradicate the ethnic conflict, and all other antisocial pursuits

The hurdles in the permanent peace should be removed with the assistance of expert and Centre for Peace Studies will pave the path for peace and harmony in this country