Human Resources Management

Human capacity and skilled leadership are critical for effective work.  CPS shall endeavor to follow the best management practices appropriate to the organization’s mission, operations and governance structure.  To this end, CPS will:

  • Periodically reassess its mission, objectives, and operations to reflect changing contexts and constituents’ needs in terms of staffing
  • Critically analyze its practices and organizational culture, and implement necessary changes in order to encourage creativity, diversity, responsibility, and respect within the organization
  • Develop clear, well-defined written policies and procedures, which relate to all employees, members and volunteers.  Such policies must adhere to applicable labor laws and other relevant legislation, and must protect the rights of employer, employees, members and volunteers
  • Establish and maintain disciplinary and grievance procedures with clear lines of authority and accountability
  • Have clear and transparent procedures for employing new staff and disengaging existing staff
  • Have clear staff development policies that seek to empower all staff and volunteers to increase their skills in order to enable them to move to greater levels of responsibility
  • Develop adequate and acceptable systems of assessing skills, qualification, experience, levels of responsibility and performance, and remunerate on this basis
  • Encourage management to adopt interactive leadership styles to facilitate good communication between staff and itself
  • Ensure it is an equal opportunity organization and reflects gender and racial diversity as much as financially possible